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Empowering Future Fashion Icons

At Faraj Couture, we're more than just a fashion school; we're a launchpad for aspiring designers to transform their passion into a profession. We aim to nurture creativity, foster innovation, and provide invaluable experiences to shape the fashion industry's next generation.


Are you looking to start a career in fashion? Faraj Couture is seeking passionate and talented individuals to join their team. Submit your resume, portfolio (if applicable), and a brief cover letter outlining your goals and aspirations to to apply for an internship.


Join Faraj Couture and embark on a journey that will shape not only your future the future of fashion. Dare to dream, create, and inspire with us.

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Why Choose Faraj Couture for Your Internship?

Hands on experience

Dive into the heart of the fashion world with real-world projects and experiences that will challenge and inspire you. Our internships provide hands-on opportunities to work alongside industry professionals and gain practical skills that are essential for success in the fashion industry.

Networking Opportunities

Build meaningful connections within the industry through networking events, workshops, and collaborations. At Faraj Couture, you'll have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals and industry insiders who can help shape your career trajectory.

Mentorship & Guidance

Benefit from personalized mentorship and guidance from seasoned professionals who are dedicated to helping you grow and succeed. Whether you're interested in design, marketing, or production, our mentors are here to support you every step of the way.

Exposure to Every Aspect of the Fashion Business

From sketching and pattern-making to marketing and merchandising, our internships offer exposure to every aspect of the fashion business. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry and discover where your passions and talents truly lie.


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