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Model Fitting in Pattern Making Class

Faraj Couture: The Full Story

Faraj Couture was established in 2009 as a one stop fashion consultant agency seeking to connect Fashion Designers with retail buyers, top rated photographers, and digital services.


“We were extremely successful, however, I noticed that a lot of self-titled designers lacked the skills necessary to truly become independent. They would think of something, then invest huge amounts outsourcing the actual development to someone else.”


Faraj’s message to aspiring designers is that while hiring others might be quick, a slight fitting problem can send you back to square one – causing severe headaches and frustration.

Princess Faraj built Faraj Couture Creative Studio with the goal to solve this very problem from the start. The aim of Faraj Couture is to become a major disruptor in the fashion industry. Faraj Couture offers a creative environment where aspiring entrepreneurs with varying levels of sewing experience can grow and prosper.


The company is not your typical sewing school. From day one students begin learning the in depth process of crafting their very own garments.

Faraj Couture believes in providing a collaborative space for fashion designers and passionate entrepreneurs to gain the skills they need to be successful.


“It brings me so much pleasure to see many upcoming designers decide to change careers to follow their dreams and invest in their passions,”

Fashion Student Sewing at Faraj Couture
Princess Faraj _ Fashion Instructor

Princess Faraj

“I do this for the world, the ladies I serve, and students I mentor”

Meet your instructor

Art Institute Graduate, Couture designer, and owner of the ModMara brand, Princess Faraj created a niche for herself in the very competitive fashion world by expertly specializing in extravagant fabrics, fresh and bold manipulations, complemented by persistent and meticulous research. Throughout the years, she has exhibited extraordinary determination and the will to create something new and modern. 

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