Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had the confidence to sew the style you really love?

We are here to help you overcome your doubts and encourage you to sew your dream garments for yourself.

What we teach is not just sewing, we strive to educate you about sewing constructions, organization, fashion terminology, and proficiency in your workroom. This confidence in your craft could allow your passion for fashion to grow into a business and from there, you will be able to hire other professionals to work alongside you as you build your dreams.


Isn’t it time to shine the way you’re supposed to when it comes to your sewing skills?

Join us and celebrate your creativity and self-expression don’t forget to follow us on IG @farajcouture to see all others who are part of our community.


Images credit: Our Fashion 8 weeks student Madeline sew this dress in her fashion 8 weeks class and is currently in our Designer Pro! 32 weeks Program.

Fashion Editorials by FC Creative Studio


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Faraj Couture

There are several reasons why you should join our sewing programs. We provide designers with all the tools & skills needed to become fashion entrepreneurs. 

​We save you the time of filtering through hundreds of Online videos, by receiving a hands-on experience through our programs with professional designers.

​We specialize in fashion development, Event production & sample making. 

​What aspiring designer does not know, can hinder their growth. Our mission is to make you as polished as possible. Our vision is as clear as you want it to be.

Welcome to Faraj Couture!