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Product Development

In this image, you see our student completed a corset with a strap and has it on display for images to upload on her site to sell! 

Showing off!

Design Development 

We encourage all our fashion design students to practice or learn fashion illustration to help in product development.  

Design Development

Sewing Construction

Sewing best practice: Design and action plan to becoming more efficient and mastering a fine craftmanship in your sewing skills. 

Sewing time


We focus on internship programs for our in-house fashion sewing students, which allows them to sharpen their sewing skills. 

Internship work by Adriana Ramos


Proper Measurement Taking

To build the proper garment you must understand measurement taking and proportion. 


Materials & Tools 

To master your craft you must understand your materials, how to work with them, and get to know all your sewing tools and how to use them. 

Abstract Background


Fashion Designers sewing Programs. Exploring the Basics & Strengthening Existing Skills 

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